Robot Ring

Choose your latest generation combat robot and jump into the arena! Compete with your robot to win the Virtual Park League Championship with intuitive and fluid handling provided by its impact sensors and augmented reality application.

Nombre de personne 14
Timing 5'
AR (7+)

Choose your robot and compete in the arena, for the Virtual Park League Championship! Train your robot for the match in an extraordinary futuristic setting.

Originating directly from the Land of the Rising Sun, these latest generation robots are fitted with impact sensors and an augmented reality application, allowing intuitive and fluid handling of their movements by players of all ages. Beat your opponents before the final gong!

We also have the smartest racing / combat system in the world!

Each Supercar is a conscious robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and a deadly strategy. The more you play, the more you increase their abilities! Fight your friends, your tactical options are limitless. Customize their weapons, test other cars, it’s easy to take in hand and almost impossible to finish!

To save time, download the apps on your smartphone, they will be required to enjoy our robots!