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7 worlds, 7 unique, virtual and augmented reality adventures! Come and enjoy an immersive experience in the fascinating world of virtual and augmented reality at Virtual Park.

Virtual reality (VR)?

Put on your helmet and delve into a completely virtual universe entirely recreated by computer. Virtual park offers an experience in which you are totally immersed thanks to cutting-edge technology and VR rooms that are unique in Europe: Arena 42, Team 51, V-Race and VR box.

Augmented reality (AR)?

No need to bring along any equipment. By inserting virtual elements in an existing décor, virtual reality is embedded in reality! Virtual Park allows you to try the augmented reality experience via a multitude of activities: VR Theatre, Robot Ring or The Playground.

Discover the 7 virtual and augmented reality worlds now, which will provide you with thrilling adventures in a space covering 4,000 m2!

Team 51

Try and rescue a friendly vessel in difficulty in the galaxy, together with your team. Embark on a reconnaissance to find out what happened to the crew. A collective game in which unity is strength! *minimum 140cm

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Nombre de personne 4-6
Timing 20'
VR (7+*)
VR individual cabins

VR Box

The 10 individual, 16m² cabins allow you to become familiar with virtual reality and progress at your own pace through a whole series of universes.

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Nombre de personne 1
Timing 20'
VR (7+)
Virtual Park Robot Arena

Robot Ring

Choose your robot and compete in the arena, for the Virtual Park League Championship! Train your robot for the match in an extraordinary futuristic setting.

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Nombre de personne 14
Timing 5'
AR (7+)
Virtual Park The Playground

The Playground

Equipped with LÜ technology, The Playground is a smart space that understands and responds in real time to players’ movements and interaction.

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Nombre de personne 1-12
Timing 20'
AR (3+)

Tower Defense VR

Enter a fantastic medieval world, your goal: defend your castle against hordes of monsters.

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Nombre de personne 4
Timing 20
Arena 42

Arena 42

Equipped with Full Body Tracking technology that tracks the movements of the whole body in an ultra-precise manner, two teams of four players compete to conquer the planet Mars.

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Nombre de personne 2-8
Timing 10'
VR (12+)


Don your suit, virtual reality helmet and jump on your racing bike. The track awaits you!

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Nombre de personne 2
Timing 10'
VR (7+)