Who hasn’t seen the film Tron and dreamt of taking part in its incredible races on virtual circuits? Well, now you can, with V-Race. Put on your suit and virtual reality helmet, jump on your racing bike and win the race.*(min 140cm)

Nombre de personne 1-2
Timing 10'
VR (140cm)

Don your suit, virtual reality helmet and jump on your racing bike. The track awaits you! In V-Race visitors step into the shoes of a futuristic motorcycle rider.

In a universe inspired by the film ‘Tron’, V-Race immerses you in the persona of a digital motorcycle rider. An activity that serious thrill-seekers will love! Measure your driving skills against those of your friends and feel the sensations of a real motorcycle race. Rev your engine and off you GO! (7+ depending on the size of the person)