Internal rules of procedure

Art.1. Any person or group entering the Virtual Park premises must abide, without reservation, by the present rules and regulations as well as its extensions (general conditions of sale, conditions of accessibility…) and supplements in the form of posters, pictograms, located in the vicinity of the establishment. Furthermore, any person or group is required to comply with the instructions and directives of the staff of the establishment, in the car park, in the bar, as well as on the slopes and their surroundings.

Art.2. Virtual Park is accessible to the public according to the schedule posted at the entrance of the complex and published on our website

Art.3. Except for exceptions authorised by the Management, no one can have access to the park if he/she has not paid the related entrance fee.

Art.4. The Management can always, for technical reasons or for reasons of force majeure, order the temporary or definitive closure of an attraction or of the establishment without anyone being able to claim compensation or damages.

Art.5. Access to the buildings is forbidden :

  • Persons accompanied by animals (except guide dogs for the visually impaired, on presentation of the appropriate card);
  • People who are drunk or abnormally agitated;
  • Persons under the influence of psychotropic substances;
  • Persons in a state of obvious uncleanness;
  • Children under 12 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult capable of supervising them (and with written authorisation from the parents).

Art.6. smoking is not allowed inside the Virtual Park buildings.

Art.7. It is forbidden to consume drinks or food that do not come from our bar or our restaurant inside Virtual Park and on its terrace. It is also forbidden to consume drinks or food (even from our bar and/or restaurant) in the play areas or in the corridors leading to them.

Art.8. It is forbidden to disturb the other players by gestures, acts or attitudes that are not in accordance with the respect of others or with a good sporting practice.

Art.9. Virtual Park is a family complex. Therefore, the Management reserves the right to exclude any player or client who, in his words, gestures or attitudes, contravenes what Belgian law commonly refers to as “good manners”. This includes any posture, gesture or attitude of a sexual or obscene nature.

Art.10. The management of Virtual Park declines all responsibility in the event of any accident caused by clients and players within the complex and in the car park. The latter will be responsible for any damage they may cause to third parties, equipment and premises.

Art.11. The Management and staff attached to the establishment cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss, theft, disappearance or damage of any objects (glasses, etc.) or items of clothing belonging to players or clients. Virtual Park declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to vehicles parked in the park’s parking areas.

Art 12. Virtual Park does not have childcare facilities. Make sure you have someone to watch your children who cannot play during your game.

Art.13. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the exclusion of the player from the park without reimbursement or other form of compensation. Virtual Park also reserves the right to exclude from the complex any person (player or not) who does not respect these rules.

Art.14. Without prejudice to any possible legal action, the Virtual Park management will decide what action to take, if any, in any case not covered by these rules. Complaints or suggestions of any kind should be addressed in writing to the Management.

Art.15. Virtual Park is authorised to take media (photos or other) within its establishments and to ensure their free distribution.

Art.16. The present rules will be displayed in a visible and permanent manner in the establishment.

Art.17. In case of serious dispute, only the courts of Tournai are competent.