Interested in organising a team-building event?

Virtual Park is the ultimate venue for providing your employees with a team-building day they will never forget. Are you looking for an event capable of strengthening ties between colleagues, developing cohesion, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and solidarity among colleagues? At Virtual Park you can achieve all this and more!

Teambuilding at Virtual Park

Discover the three team-building formulas:

  • Bronze: Virtual Park provides your employees with access to the park and restaurant. The perfect occasion to strengthen and create team cohesion by immersing colleagues in the fascinating world of virtual and augmented reality.
  • Silver: Virtual Park provides access to the park with privileged access to the business zone. In this case the VR museum (200m²) is transformed to accommodate your employees: offering a catering service, complete with projection equipment, etc. Come and enjoy a memorable experience at Virtual Park!
  • Gold: Virtual Park allows you to enjoy a unique occasion with your employees in the entire park in private. A remarkable, immersive experience that nobody will forget!

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