Tower Defense VR

A VR attraction in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings, from the top of your tower you see the enemies arrive en masse, your three other partners are with you, ready to fight.

You will have to defend your stronghold against these hordes of monsters until the end.

Nombre de personne 1-4
Timing 20'

Tower Defense VR is a multiplayer VR attraction for 4 people that will immerse you in a unique Heroic Fantasy or dragon, orcas, trolls and other wyverns you will assail from all sides to bring down your stronghold.

Equipped with Oculus ™ Quest ™ technology that does not require a PC backpack, you are completely free from your movements.

With the help of your teammates, you will try to survive as long as possible the many assaults of your enemies.

The immersion is total!