Arena 42

Swarms pre-Alpha!
Virtual Park, Fishing Cactus, I-ILLusion, L’Umons, the Walloon Region through its research centres and its investments, have joined forces to offer you the ultimate attraction in hyper virtual reality.
The project, Swarms, aims to be the most accomplished and immersive experience ever presented.
We invite you to help us in its development by offering regular pre-alpha tests.
Ready to take up the challenge?
attraction available soon

Nombre de personne 1-4
Timing 10'
VR (12+)

Swarms pre-Alpha!

Humanity began its conquest of space.
Transportation has quickly become the priority area of global technological research, and humans have just taken a giant step forward: The creation of a machine capable of producing wormholes, allowing humans to travel millions of kilometres away from Earth instantly.

But one day, one of these wormholes gave a very aggressive alien race the opportunity to reach and attack our galaxy.

Faced with this unprecedented crisis, many nations decided to send their elite soldiers to investigate the conflict zone. ”

The project: Swarms, aims to be the most immersive and complete experience ever.
We offer you to help us develop it by proposing regular pre-Alpha.

Ready to take on the challenge?

attraction available soon