Team 51

After-H: Zombies (2020). Try to survive an invasion of zombies in a team of 6 players. Will you dare to try?
After-H: Legend of Mars, you are deployed with your team on a reconnaissance mission to Mars but things are not going to go as planned.*(min 140cm)

Nombre de personne 4-6
Timing 20'
VR (7+*)

In total freedom of movement (free roaming) on 100m2, you leave for a mission of 20 minutes, from 4 to 6 players in cooperation.
Strategy, collaboration and communication are the skills that may allow you to survive.
Equipped with their HTC Vive Pro equipment, the teams will have to unite to repel the invasion, whether it is an alien or zombie invasion.

2 activities are available on demand :


Repel the alien invasion! Mayday, mayday! Your team has received a distress signal from an allied ship. You and your companions will fly to its rescue and that of its crew.
In AFTER-H: LEGEND OF MARS, you’re deployed on a reconnaissance mission to Mars but things aren’t going to go as planned…

Goddamn it, he’s holding my leg…
In AFTER-H: ZOMBIES try to survive hordes of zombies with your team, confront your fears and work out the best strategy to get out of it.
Each of your actions will be important, so don’t panic…